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How It All Began

When in Israel for a series of meetings in January 2009, one of the Messianic leaders of the Land indicated to me that we had not entered the country in the correct way. I asked him what he meant and he explained that Tel Aviv was very much part of the Jewish heritage, that it should never be ignored and that we needed to enter the land properly by the right channels. I again asked what precisely he meant. He replied that we all come from the nations either as a tourist but most importantly as Christians and as soon as we arrive in Tel Aviv we drive straight to Jerusalem as if Tel Aviv has no significance in the history of the Jewish people! He explained the significance of the capital of Israel as the entry point or port of access to Israel. The Port which used to be the main entry point into Israel is located in Joppa, now a suburb of Tel Aviv, where Jewish settlers disembarked 100 years ago.

The Lord began to impress upon me the significance of going through the gates in order to go to Jerusalem. At that point I left the whole issue while I waited on the Lord for more insight as to what he wanted me to do about this.

I was ironing my clothes getting ready for the Israel Prayer meeting for the delegates to the Prayer Tour when I heard the whisper of the Holy Spirit that I was leading a team to Israel for the last time. I was initially very shocked at this prompting of the Holy Spirit, as I believed in my heart that part of my calling was to bring an understanding to the church concerning Israel and to bring many people to Israel, thereby introducing many to the land of the Bible. One other important assignment was to bring an understanding of a major problem confronting the church, namely, “replacement theology”. Replacement theology is the confusion that God had replaced Israel with the church and that the church has in all respects superseded Israel.

Even though I was taken aback by what the Spirit was saying, I had a peace that God was doing a new thing and I had to walk with that. I believe it was more to do with leading a team under the auspices of the church that I belong to, as things have to be done in a different way; this now has to be done independently. The Lord has been highlighting different ministries and various works that has to be done in the land.

What this meant was that as a group we were through with just touring the land: now we had to roll up our sleeves to partner with the Lord in a more direct and significant way.

After various discussions, the delegates for the planned tour unanimously agreed that they would prefer to have a flexible tour, different from what we have had in the past 9 years.

I was a bit surprised at this response and at the same time excited that we (my wife and I) had the blessing of the entire team to do things in a different way, hence allowing us to introduce the word I received concerning gates.

This was God’s first step of revealing his heart concerning the planned trip to Israel. After further meetings, God began to speak to me more about gates, though to begin with I didn’t have much of a revelation about gates except Psalm 24 (which was a good start!). Each subsequent meeting brought more revelations. The one that truly triggered the theme for our Prayer Tour to Israel was “Going through the Gates” Genesis 22:17 “[17] I will surely bless you, and I will surely multiply your offspring as the stars of heaven and as the sand that is on the seashore.”

And your offspring shall possess the gate of his enemies …” This gave more insight that really if the Lord Himself includes this as a promise for us through our father Abraham then we certainly must not make light of that fact. We are the seed or offspring of Abraham and have to possess the gates of our enemies, which means we have to unseat the enemy one way or the other, possess the gates and thereafter be the gatekeeper. I am convinced the enemies are the ones presently standing at our gates. We have to unseat them by taking over the gates and becoming the gatekeepers for this promise to be made manifest in our lives. The enemies are at the gates and we need to take back and possess our gates and lay hold of our possessions.

On September 18th 2009 we landed in Tel Aviv and went to Joppa or Yafo (Jaffa) in order to go through the gates. While we were in the plane the Lord pointed me to the Beautiful Gate where they laid the lame man daily and how he got his healing at the gate through Peter and John and how he then danced and praised God in the Temple for the first time.

On arrival at Jaffa we had some coffee and fresh baked bread while we waited for our dear brother the Senior Minister of Adonai Roi congregation, Avi Mizrachi, to lead us through the gates. We went through the Jerusalem Gates in Yafo with worship and intercession and declarations and prayed for some members of the Adonai Roi congregation as the Gatekeepers for this gate to Jerusalem. The anointing and the presence of God were tangible as we proclaimed Psalm 24 in songs and intercession and invited the King of Glory to come in while we danced and worshiped through the gates.

We had the privilege of meeting a shopkeeper at the gates who was gracious enough to show us an old picture of what the original ancient gates of Jerusalem looked like, and we all took pictures of it. We were later informed that Yafo actually means beautiful, which was a confirmation of the word I got in the plane on our way to the land. It was indeed a good start to our day and we continued on our way to Jerusalem through the gates.

Our aim is to take to the nations the message that we need to dislodge the enemies at our gates and take back possession of those gates for our cities and nations. In the process, I seek to offer some practical help as to how this might be done, mindful that the task is to be undertaken in conjunction with Intercessors and Leaders in the different nations.

Thereafter it will be for those Leaders and Intercessors to take responsibility for their nations, to be the Official GATEKEEPERS and prevent the enemy from ever possessing the gates of their various nations ever again.

This comes with the great responsibility of having to determine what comes in and out of their nations. 1 Chronicles9:33 “Now these, the *singers, the heads of fathers’ houses of the Levites, were in the chambers of the temple free from other service, for they were on duty day and night.”

It requires intercessors willing to take a stand for their nations. This is certainly not for the faint hearted as it will require dedication and consistency of prayer and most importantly worship.

The gatekeepers during the time of King David were Levites and obviously their lifestyle was therefore like that of the Levites.