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Breaking the Yoke #COVID-19

After several months of silence I’m sharing this word that I hope you will find helpful and encouraging. 

With the various periods of quarantine, I hope you found time to focus on The King. Many people are perplexed wondering what in the world is going on and questioning if there’s going to be an end to this evil plague or pandemic, as the world would call it.

On my part, I believe it is a season where the Lord would have us pause or slow down, reflect and retune or better still to recalibrate. Personally, I have taken comfort in His word during this season, which, for me, couldn’t have come at a better time since it’s the year where I celebrated my Diamond Jubilee. Birthday. A celebration held in Israel at the brink of the world going into a lockdown period.

Getting into the land in that season was a miracle in itself and I can only sum it up with these words “But for God”. Israel closed its entry borders when we entered the land with 55 guests and its exit border the day after we landed back in the UK. I certainly have a lot to thank God for. I’m still enjoying the jubilee albeit in quarantine. Hmmm that’s a story for another day!

Since the beginning of the lockdown I have stayed on only two verses and these are Revelation 4:1 and Habakkuk 2:1-2. I encourage everyone to position themselves to hear God for the new season and spend less time on Zoom meetings and events, as we seem to be busier than when the church buildings were opened.  Many are probably too tired to hear what He is saying to us.

My main aim in this post is to share this word that I received about a week ago on how to pray concerning Coronavirus alias Covid-19 and ask that you pray along with me for your nation. I hope the word resonates with you and that you find this video useful. We definitely need revelation to pray this evil virus out! Many scientists, clinicians and experts are proffering different ideas like the vaccines, which we are told by the way is not a cure. 

I personally believe the answer is in revelatory and governmental intercession and hope you will join with me in praying against this evil plague.