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Do You Know your Calling?

DESTINY preserves you from a shipwreck


Acts 26:15-19-The Call of Paul explained (Acts 9:15-16)-What is your calling? Do you know?

There is a call on every life no matter where you are and we all have been allotted a land which we all have to tend!

It is important you realise and understand fully the following:

Storm along the way-Acts 27:13-14

Excess luggage must be shed so you can run the race (Travel Light)-v19

Hope is all you have and you must never lose hope- v20 and remember God’s promises (Jeremiah 29:11)

Fasting and praying must be a continuous process of your call

The Lord brings encouragement if you have a purpose and in His will whenever you are going thorough difficulties- Acts 27:21-22

Destiny preserves- v23-26

You have to be constantly in the spirit. You have to allow the Holy Spirit to instruct you every day

Remain in the ship- v31

Destiny of Paul again saves– Acts 27:42-44 (The soldiers had a change of heart because of the destiny of Paul

Are you following God’s call for your life?

Any other way will not bring the desired fruit

Get in line with purpose and if you are not sure ask the Lord to reveal it to you and He is willing to reveal that to you.

Pray Isaiah 22:22